Totallymag! was started in 2005 when I had access to a free copy machine at a large corporation job situation that was weird and I had to sneak around to make these copies and it was cool.

Anyways I started noticing all the really negative celebrity gossip rags out there and how they were totally insane and bogus. I thought to myself “really? people want to read these horrible things about these artist people?”

I couldn’t believe it. I thought at the same time, it is genius.

I started my own bogus rag but included articles about artists that I really crushed on locally. I also incorporated the really simple uber stylings of teen zines like Bop and Tiger Beat. I thought “how cool would it be to interview local artists and musicians in the same way they interview teen heart throbs?”

It was so much fun. I used the traditional way of creating a zine “cut and paste” this was the only way I knew how and it was a grand old time. I began to curate shows for local venues featuring really crazy cutting edge bands and incorporated red carpet themes. Celebrity dress up parties were all the rage in 2006!

After celeb sites like perezhilton.com and TMZ started emerging I realized they took it too far with the negativity and I didn’t want people to confuse my jokes with theirs as I don’t even hate celebs.

After a little break I began to use my newly found photoshop and illustrator skills to make really nice zines in support of these famous art making humans. It was cool and I have participated in some very fancy zine events since then, such as, Riverside DIY Print Fest and LA Zine fest!

I hope you enjoy all the articles and the funny pictures and feel inspired to do something with your life too. Even if its just to sit there and stare at stuff thats great!!!

-Margot Pauline Padilla, Editor in Chief, Totallymag!