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KIT “Rain” & the INDIE HD Music Video ReVoLution!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

KIT is a rock band straight outta Oakland,CA. KIT is fun, fantastic, bombastic and have the coolest new music video out there! This has been a great year for independent music videos. Many bands and Underground Directors are experimenting with the advanced capabilities of High Definition film making with little to no budget and the outcome has been pretty amazing.

KIT is one of those bands that already takes music to the highest level with the very basic of elements. It was only natural to see them strike brilliance with something as simple as a camera a boombox and some really fun and supportive friends! KIT and friends gathered in the hillsides of Central Los Angeles, CA matching eyes with  Dodger’s  Stadium and overlooking the 101 freeway they began filming in the afternoon in 100 degree weather. The sun was scorching hot. We were thirsty and sweaty and all totally nuts for KIT and making this video happen!

Check it out! KIT single “Rain” off their new EP available @ KIT web store also @ Vactaion Vinyl in Los Angeles, CA.

Directed By Vice Cooler and Shot by Steven Andrew Garcia.

:pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:   < i give this video 5 pizzas.

2010 Underground Music Videos to watch:

Halloween Swim Team- Pitch Black

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Cool Blog/Guy Alert!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Clayton Johnson is everyone’s friend.He’s one of the coolest, friendliest guys I know! His blog cLAY TV! is definitely a go to for photos and updates on really cool LA underground music events. You can’t go to any show without seeing Clay there with his SLR shooting away at some of the most talented indie bands from all over the world.

You might know Clay from the band Batwings Catwings or even from the old skool band TPF! (The Press Fire!) Each of his bands have covered yours truly IE! The song entitled “You think you’re cool” has been taken and rendered into an analog rock jam that gets their fans dancin along. It’s really an honor to have such a talented cool group of musicians cover my song and do it up right! thank you guys so much!

So check out Clay’s blog and see all the upcoming shows and shows you’ve missed. He is really on top of his blog game blogging almost everyday with each post pretty extensive and with photos to boot!

Clay da bomb

If you have a cool blog email us the link! We’ll check it out and if it rules we’ll give you props! AWWWW YEAAAUH!

Hype Blast! New Sensation

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Totally Mag! is proud to introduce you to the magic that is Hype Blast Crew! They are totally on fire right now! I had the honor of meeting and becoming friends with DJPK (DJ Peter Kirkpatrick) while attending Los Angeles City College. He is the go-to guy  in the electronic music area of Los Angeles City College’s music department.

He has now crossed over to the ever progressive side of  la underground performance. DJPK joined the group Hype Blast! in 2007 after meeting with a dark and mysterious MC Menga. Now Hype Blast consists of many talented artists from all around Los Angeles. They are more of a production force that continues to create amazing music every waking second. They are like the post millenium CNC Music Factory only with a more trance/eurobeat influence. From their press release:

Once upon a time, in the dusty streets of East Hollywood, California, Menga, visionary and leader of Hype Blast Crew, approached DJPK about creating “Music of the Future.”  Since then, over the course of two years, a full cast of musicians, rappers and crazy characters from Hype Blast including Son, Virus, Ajax, Android, Julie, Geek, and Knight and a few guest artsts including Mr. Showtime, Amanda Martindale, and Rose II, collaborated on the self-titled EPK “Hype Blast” which was spearheaded by the visionary MC Menga and produced by DJPK and Jack of Pete O’Carroll Records.

Hype Blast Crew is definitely a force to be reckoned with their beats are commanding hard-hitting and their melodies will get embedded into the deepest and darkest corners of your brain. The vocal styles are beautiful and in your face I said Oops! upside yo head!

What’s Hype Blast mean anyway? Well…

“Hype is one part of the crew which means whatever is going on right now is the Hype. So today you are the Hype. Blast is the other half of the crew. Blast means when you are on the spot light you are on Blast.” -Hype Blast

Hype Blast will be playing our very own favorite venue THE SMELL on July 30th in the beautiful and lush Downtown Los Angeles, CA and we couldn’t be more stoked! Since HYPE BLAST! is such an army of music militants only some of them can join us for the live show on the 30th this includes my man DJPK who will be rippin up some keys and entrancing you with his entrancing beats and melodies.

JULY 30th @ The Smell Don't Miss IT!!!

Hype Blast Crew love eating ICE CREAM and listening to dance tracks non-stop! Check out their tracks below these are two of my favorites from their newest demo.

Hype Blast Demo EPK

Hype Blast Kid – “official remix of the “Toys R Us” jingle

Here’s a sneak peak of their video for “Hype Blast Kid”

Ever Since I Met You - beautiful vocals on this one! and some lyrics straight from the heart! <3

They are also playing a show on July 17th @ “Out At The Circus 3″

5730 Cahuenga Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601

Totally Mag! will defintely be keeping you updated on the latest from Hype Blast meanwhile check out another cool video from their Youtube channel.

Totally Mag! gives Hype Blast five pizzas!!! :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

Fag Basher’s Cd-r

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

*River rats! Shred back from the sand bar and listen to this shit! The new Fag Basher’s noise cd-r release just came out on Faggot Right’s Records. It is amazing I kept thinking why hadn’t this been released until now?

!release comes with an awesome button!

* The cd-r was under a lot of fire and almost wasn’t going to be released. Pressing companies were reluctant to print due to the art content but fortunately with fan-power they were able to find a place that would help*

*If you listen you must listen loudly, at least +10db or more. The mix is so pro  if you’re into albums based on how “well” they are mixed then that means you’re gay. But I guarantee this shit will blow your mind. Grab some 211′s and sit back chill the fuck out and listen to some cool shit from Neal and Travis those dudes are fucking hardcore.

*In total truth this is one of the most artistic releases I have come across and I had to share it with Totally Mag! fans. Fag Basher’s is John Thill and Chris Payne (whitman)  They are true poets of the future they can make anyone cope with any taboo. There is a total of 69 tracks/35 minutes of raw noise and real bro-hate content. The tracks are vicious and clean. Some of those frequency waves pulsate and make the hairs on your arm stand up. It’s insane I love it!


*They used a shit lot of different equipment to make the sound. Drums, computers,video cassettes, samples, amps, pedals and just raw talent.

*You should definitely check out the new album. I would recommend past releases but they are all out of print ask a friend!

*I give this album FIVE PIZZAS! :arrow: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

<3 Margot

Captain Ahab

Monday, May 17th, 2010

One of Totallymag!’s favorite bands is by far Captain Ahab. From the first album “After the Rain my Heart Still Dreams” to present. There are many reasons as to why they are one of our favorite bands. First and foremost their talent! Ahab makes music to live by. It’s an experience. Music you can paint your battle models to and envision crushing an opponents army and taking over their city! Music you can Larp to and really feel empowered music for us the NERDS the people with insatiable appetites for technology and hobbies! Mastering our crafts we listen to someone who has mastered theirs!