Celebrities EVERYWHERE pt. 2

May 31st, 2013

So three nights ago I went to Ralph’s grocery market with my girlfriends. We were going there to grab some snacks and drinks to bring to our friend Bobby’s place.

This Ralph’s was unique as most are but it was very surprising at the time. ¬†Because this store located on La Brea Ave. and 3rd street was chalk full of sweets! every inch of the perimeter of the storefront grocery market was stacked full of starchy bread treats and we were very impressed. We wondered “WHO EATS ALL OF THESE TREATS!?”

Just as we were inspecting a delicious looking pie I saw Billy Zane himself enter the market with a lady on either side of him. It was like a movie. He looked veryfancy with a sports jacket men’s suit on. I believe it was gray but my memory is fuzzy, I actually didn’t remember that I saw him until yesterday when I was having coffee at the International House of Pancakes and wouldn’t you know it, right after I went to the International Noise Conference LA 2013!

Back to Billy Zane. He is a famous actor/actress who acts in so many famous movies and television shows. You might remember him most for playing Drake de’ Mon in Charmed tv series.He has also acted in Titanic as “Cal”. After I saw him I wanted to tell everyone I was with but I couldn’t remember his name right away and I could hardly open my mouth to talk. Soon after I saw him we all walked over to this discount cart and we started tripping on all the items on it like whole crazy cakes and opened Aladdin loaves of bread and I forgot all about Billy Zane but I remembered again. So Billy has been going to Ralph’s I wonder if he likes those sweets or if he was just picking up some party supplies. He is known as a ladies man. He looked as if he was going out. ¬†Here is Billy Zane he is very handsome and good at acting.

Billy Zane

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