Celebrities EVERYWHERE!

May 30th, 2013

If you’re fortunate to live in Los Angeles, CA then you might notice the amount of celebrities there are here. The celebrities, from what I can gather, live here! JUST LIKE ME!

Yesterday I was driving over to see a double feature, very nice Hong Kong movies for my friend’s birthday. My friend is Brian Quinn and he is also a celebrity.

Anyways, so then on my way there I see Molly Shannon vigorously jogging down my street which is Plymouth blvd. and it was really cool. She looked straight at me and then Angie saw her as we were driving past the stop sign. There was also a couple walking their two dogs across the street but they weren’t famous.

In case you don’t know who I’m talking about Molly Shannon is a really famous celebrity who is an actor/actress. She acts in many movies. You should try to IMDB her and find out what movies she has been in and also a television show that is very famous and funny. Saturday Night Live. Here is a nice picture of her so you can recognize who I am talking about. So she was jogging and it was cool to see her doing an activity that is healthy.I wondered why she wasn’t going to the movies like me because she is an actor but I think that is just because if you’re an actor it doesn’t mean you have to go to ALL the movies that are showing.

Molly Shannon

The day before I saw Laura Prepon over on Vermont Blvd. She was walking and stopped at the theater there The Vista. She was with her sister or whoever it was they looked exactly like her so I guess sister. She looked great wearing some work out casual clothes or something. I think she wanted to see a movie so she was asking the box office worker a question, maybe about the time slots or the price of a ticket. She seemed real relaxed. Laura Prepon is also an actor/actress she has been in movies and is most famous for her role as Donna Pinciotti in That 70′s Show.

Laura Prepon

These are not my photos I got them off of the google image search. I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures of them since I’m a stranger.

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9 Responses to “Celebrities EVERYWHERE!”

  1. margot says:

    i guess celebrities have to work out a lot that is very healthy. they also like movies.

  2. dk says:

    i saw a molly shannon celebrity at subway once but she wasn’t jogging. she was famous tho. :pizza:

  3. Tripp Nasty says:

    I stood in line behind Judge Reinhold once at a Circle K in Tucson, Arizona. He was buying cigarettes and gas for, I assumed, the Porsche parked outside. I wasn’t sure it was him at first so when I got to the front of the line I asked the guy behind the counter, “Was that Judge Reinhold?” And he said, “Yeah, I carded him for the cigarettes just to see if it was.” Cool!

  4. broken bumpy says:

    I used to work at cedar-sinai hospital and saw lots of celebrities there and at jerry’s deli across the sfreet. Jamie lee “activia” curtis was one of them.

  5. margot says:

    Wow everyone has seen so many celebrities. And even in other places then Los Angeles, CA. I am very pleased to hear that not only do they live here and do things here they also do things other places around other people. Judge Reinhold is very famous from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High and other movies in the 1980′s.

    I have heard so much about the Cedar Senai center. I hear a lot of celebrities are there taking care of their medical needs. I am excited that you broken bumpy have seen Jamie Lee Curtis. She is a very famous daughter. She has even acted in movies! She has been in my favorite kind of movies. Horror movies. And now she is in yogurt commercial which you mention is ACTIVIA! we are so lucky to see such famous people! Thanks for the comments and for reading Totallymag! :lol:

  6. Amanda says:

    My mom’s best cared for JTT at Cedar Senai a long time ago. She said he wanted to know how to get taller, but the doctor told him it was too late to do treatments.

  7. margot says:

    amanda, how fortunate for them to care for a famous person like JTT he is the star of Home Improvement and he also was the voice of Simba in the Lion King. I do remember that at that time he was very short because he was a child. Perhaps now at his adult age he is more content with the height of himself. i can’t believe all of the celebrities there are! Thanks for the comments everyone and you amanda!

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