Totally Mag! Returns!

August 12th, 2011


Hey guys so we’re back with a new volume and a new beginning of Totally Mag! magazine. We are launching issue 1 of Vol. 2 tonight at Sancho’s art gallery in Los Angeles,CA the event is part of LA’s Got Talent which is a series that Sam Lubicz and Liam Morrison thought up and put together with the help and support of Sean Carnage and Los Angeles artists! How cool is that!?

I’ve decided to keep mag going I will put out issues less frequently than in the past due to printing costs but will still keep it going none the less! KEEP ZINE-ing Alive!  Angela Asbell of Riverside’s ZineFest and other amazing events held there is another inspiration for me to keep doing this.  If it wasn’t for the readers constant love and support I might have let this bitter economy sway me into the GREAT ART DEPRESSION! =( NO WAY!!!! Come one and all to another Totally Mag! Totally Gay night tonight Friday Aug 12 2011! here is the flyer that Sam and Liam designed so classy and sassy!

I will also be performing as I.E. and DJ’ing some of the night along with other severely fetch and sexy DJ’s and performers! Come and get a copy of the newest issue! Issues are being sold for a whopping $1 to help cover the printing costs but are now complete with color cover and quality print!

If you would like an issue but cannot attend the event you can purchase your copy through paypal!

please include your address!

Be sure to include your Full Name and Address and you will be mailed a copy in no time!
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