Totallymag’s! Cool shit I came across in 2011

January 2nd, 2012

2011 and shit!

Totallymag! 2011

This is probably one of the best vids of 2011, if not the best:

Musical Groups/Musical Performance artists.
(in no particular order cos it all equally ruled)


Mind Cemetary

Sister Fucker



Wiz Wars

Crazy Band

DJ Total Freedom


Music Vids:

Captain Ahab- “Tiny Hands” Directed by Cristina Bercowitz/ Three Chairs Theater

BLOK- “Jungle Dog Fang Hell” Directed by Montana Casey

Selena Gomez- “Love you like a love song” Directed by Geremy Jasper

Kevin Blechdom-”Man Smash” Directed by Lawrence Klein

Extreme Animals-”Am I Evil?” Directed by Jacob Ciocci

F(X)- “Hot Summer” Directed by Hong Wonki

Geoff Geiss -”Jeremy” Directed and Animated by Walt Gorecki


E+E Bound Adam

Myles Cooper Bullet Magazine Mix

Extreme Animals Mix Pak Fm Mix

Back to the Future the Ride Gay Wish

Simo Soo LP

Tik//Tik Dormant Like Breath

Physics EP

Britney Spears Femme Fatale

I.E. Choose your own Adventure…I went there!

(Help me out by sending me info on new shit! send me your shitty demo and i’ll write a half ass review a real quality and professional half ass review! subject: Does this suck?)


“I Am a Hologram from 2046″ by Naomi Elizabeth

Concert Page (concert/gig guide) by Sean Carnage and friends

“All Encompassing” by Gianna Gianna of BLOK

@RL_Stine (Best tweets of 2011)

(I all of sudden stopped caring about compartmentalizing all the things I liked this year. PHOK it! I’m going to continue this with in’s for 2011.)

2011 In’s (not what i liked just an observation of what was in):
Moving to Los Angeles, CA
sped up R&B vox in mixes
Seapunk (internet fashion, so stupid)
Rihanna singing about being a masochist
Music Videos
“Found” CGI footage used as music videos
Equestrian training attire
Messy Hair look
Android vs. Iphone
Blogs about music noone has heard of getting popular
Everyone hating/blaming Obama
Checking in to random things
Cyber Bullying
Magic and Lore
PLUR being taken out of context
Fold over boots
the 90′s revival
Hulu Plus
Xbox 360 kinect
Blueray (now more affordable)
Cassette Tape releases cos they’re cheaper
Staying in because you’re too poor
having a shitty tour
not being into politics
Cupcakes and cupcake places
big eyebrows
Iphone 5 not coming out
side chain compression of white noise swells in pop songs
Chicks being in Ryan Gosling
Moves Like Jagger
Randomly finding someone you know on Okay Cupid
Happy Days couture (letterman jackets n shit)
The hundreds clothing
Colored hair
Occupying anything
Every song featuring DRAKE or Nicki Minaj or both
Charlie Sheen going insane!
Fascist Leaders with sick senses of style dying.
Human Centipede references

Alright back to stuff that I liked:

Grimm TV show on NBC
Once upon a Time TV show on ABC
Duke Nukem Forever video game
Charmed (throwback to early millenium.) #myhayday
Twilight Breaking Dawn pt.1
Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows pt. 2
Game of Thrones TV show
Xbox update with Youtube and Bing (lol) seriously though.
Times Square, NY
Eating hot dogs
Hong Kong night at Grindhouse (New Beverly Cinema)
Wok Master 2 for dinner
Going to the mall with my homies
Palm Springs, CA (Ace Hotel, Alex Callego sick homeboy.)
Essay playing at Cheetah’s Strip Club
Lottery League (Sean Carnage)
Only for the Openminded Web radio family
Opening of Home Room
Playing Vst’s for Laco$te
Giving people without cars rides just to be a cool bro.
Hooking up the ganja
Erik’s got it covered
Big Screen Booby
The Ledesmas
Halloween party with my family <3
Brizah’s house show in Riverside, CA
Being invited to participate in LA Zinefest
Cindergarden at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor
Grace’s Bday in NY (Dance Central)
711 Hot Dog Chips (7 select)
Free giveaways at Burger King
X-mas party at Ryan and Nathan’s pad
Watching A Kid Infinity X-mas for the first time.
Jersey Shore in Italy
Beavis and Butthead come back
Being shocked by naked teen titties on American Apparel website (Perverts.)
Ghostbuster throwbacks
Any kind of “throwback” products.
#hastags that link to nothing
Grooveshark (imo better than spotify)
FL studio newtone and pitcher
Audition Online forum
Android Apps so much faster and work better than IPhone imo.
Building bunny condos
Calvester (my kitty) snoring
Meeting new friends
Carving my “Charmed” Pumpkin
Meeting Rupaul and hugging at Target
Dr. Pepper ad campaign the 10 com”MAN”dments

and last but best…
ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!! 187 on some pigs!

TOTALLYMAG! will be at LA ZINEFEST this Year! Don’t miss it! Thanks for reading. Also if you would like to be linked to any of the above shoot me an email:

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