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December 20th, 2010

Totallymag! is one of the firsts to get new underground releases. Now the timeliness of the reviews is a bit lacking. We have a very “lax” approach to our reviewing and posting it’s all for fun and we want to give you the best reviews not the “hastiest”. We chill as fuck and like to keep it real.

I consider these some of the best albums of 2010. Most of the artists are from Los Angeles, CA and this is pure coincidence. Totallymag! receives albums from different artists around the globe but 2010 was all about L.A. “W35T5ID3 4 LIF3″.

Painting by: Anthony Fonda

Whitman/No Babies 5 inch vinyl split (Folktale Records)

Whitman- Whitman is known for being one of the most Avant-garde (Loco)  folk artists of our time. He is the creator of Folktale records and continues to experiment with his releases this one was a split between him and No Babies and the size of a cd only it is VINYL. One of the cutest releases I have ever seen. His track Here’s to Denying Our Existence is very minimal and almost noise. A simple melody with a very aggro message. A great track. The mix is very crisp clear and the noise element he brings is surprisingly complimentary to his simple acoustic guitar. Hoping to hear a more chilled out side of Whitman soon though. I love when he puts a more comedic twist on what he writes.

No Babies- Female fronted is always a plus. No Babies uses reed instruments two drummers and is very much ROCK What more can you ask for? Their track Morlocks Take Manhattan is almost ‘math rock” in nature it brings a nostalgic 90′s grunge feel that I’m into. No Babies is probably one of the greatest bands to come out of Oakland, CA. I also appreciate a fellow X-Men fan. MORLOCKS are so hot right now.



XbXrX “Wars” , Polyvinyl 12 inch

Artwork by XbXrX

XBXRX or “XB” as they are known amongst fans have gone through so many transitions throughout the years. The newest members are Josh Taylor (Bass) and Kyle H. Mabson (Drums) who bring a whole new sound to XB these days. Very “heavy” and more raging then ever.  This particular album was recorded in Oakland, CA and is so dynamic. I felt as though I was listening to a soundtrack to a new age army movie starring horny punk renegades or something. It is epic to say the least. The high frequency harsh noise tears ones ears apart and leaves them begging for more.  The production was dope and  I love the vox. My favorite jams were “Sheets and Organs” and “Here to Ruin the Party” which is way tripped out. Pick this up immediately.

Polyvinyl Records

artwork by Adam Roth/ Ripe Vessel

Back to the Future the Ride “Neutrino Based Lifeforms” Cassette on Snakefork

Artwork by Adam Roth/ Ripe Vessel

Mastered by: William Hutson

Seeing is believing they always say and seeing BTTFTR is believing for sure. The recordings this man releases are fantastic for sure. However, Seeing BTTFTR live is by far better you can really feel the low ends that tremble through your home speakers trembling throughout you. This release is amazing.  The sounds that are produced using the simplest kids toy and some heavy effects is almost uncanny.  It feels as though you are listening to a full spectrum orchestra like you are in some beautiful hall on the other side of the world with hundreds of strings surrounding you.  It’s surreal and definitely worth a listen. You can really get lost in this one and recommend never finding your way back if you can help it.



Influence V 3.3

Trance to Planet X - “Influence” (compilation) Hypnotic Records 1996 CD

A must have if you are into minimal techno or electronic music in general. I’m talking pure analog synth! The good shit.  Real sequencers , drum machines and samplers. Trance to Planet X is a mind altering compilation from the 90′s. Be prepared to be real hypnotized and en”tranced” as fuck. Put on some phat pants and relax to some of the coolest o.g. trance jams. You will go for a trip to a cosmic real vibed out place where people have crazy energies and all kinds of weird new age shit happens that you don’t even understand now in 2010. I recommend this for sure. Great to rap over I recommend making a mixtape using these jams.

Photos by: Gary Holcombe

Kevin Greenspon “Common Objects” 12 inch vinyl

Bridgetown Records

Photos: Gabe Holcombe

Mastered by: Jon Borges

The last time I saw Greenspon he was  playing folk  jams singing about Tecate’s and Del Taco. He takes his music in a whole other direction with this 12 inch release. There are no vocals,  each track is ambient and beautiful. His guitar playing is unique and refined. Harmonizing and ever so mellow. You can really vibe out hard to this album.  It was mixed by Jon Borges who produced an amazing album. Time was well spent and you can really pick up on the aesthetic they were going for. I am fortunate to have picked this one up at a show where K.G. was playing guitar for Nicole Kidman another Totallymag! favorite. He is currently on tour with N.K. travelling up and down the West Coast.

The Tleilaxu Music Machine “Diamond Eyed Coyote” Self-Release

Digital Download & CDR


One of Totallymag!’s favorite artists is defnitely The Tleilaxu Music Machine.  Fronted by D. Bene, a homeless anthropologist teaching the youth how to not ‘want’ in an ‘ I want’ society. TTMM takes everyday issues and turns them into a glitched out cabaret of madness and dance! His tracks are packed with hard hitting glitched out Kicks and crazy circus riffs. TTMM’s vox are all original in the style of throat singing but with a gothic touch almost Christian Death like at times. It feels like you are at a crazy gothic carnival and a darkwave metal band from the future is playing. Some of his tracks are insanely fast almost gabber. TTMM makes clicks, pops and distortion sound like sweet music to your ears. “Name your price” says Bene on his site you can pick up the digi download of “Diamond Eyed Coyote” for a simple donation. I recommend donating the full $5 it is the least you can give to support such a unique and talented artist. His website is chaulked full of writings and artwork his newest zine is hilarious. My favorite tracks are: ‘BIZZY’, ‘AMZIGUOUS’, and ‘I NEVER KNOW’.

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