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Saturday, November 13th, 2010

I accumulate lots of new independent music throughout the year this year being no exception here are just a few that I have reviewed especially for TM! but don’t fret there is more to come!

Cindergarden-Grim Confections

Looking Glass Records

This album should be retitled” Grim Perfections” it’s absolutely perfect.  From the concept to the production all the way down to the hand drawn font by Jaymie Valentine herself nothing was overlooked in production of this album.

If you don’t know Jaymie Valentine she is the cutest electro-goth running amok in Los Angeles, CA. She has the best style I have seen in a long time and her vocals and beats match her perfectly. I really wished I could’ve listened to this when I was in high school piercing my own everything and sewing my own clothes before I turned all party crew n shit. She evokes the most alterna-girl feelings in me with this 11 track piece. It was really nice to feel those again.  I pretty much love this whole album. The artwork through out the whole album is amazing  you can thank Allison Meierding, Marianne Williams and Romak (Make up)  for doing a spectacular job!

TIK//TIK- I Punch With My Eyes Closed

Entropic Tarot 2010

22 TRACKSSSSSSS love it! Cano did it again this time with synths which im not used to hearing on tik//tik jams but was pleasantly surprised. He pulls you in right away with some booty busting low end frequencies and then boom dropping some crazy blast beats with the noisiest crashes and undecipherable lyrics. He’s no stranger to sampling either which i love. Tik//Tik has a special talent to take the most dissonant noisiest sounds and transform them into musical phrases!  I really loved this release.  If you haven’t seen a Tik//Tik live set you haven’t experienced a real DIY noise set. Plus he is so adorable and always wears the cutest little hoodies I wish I had a Tik//Tik doll to carry around with me that played harsh noise when I hugged him!

FolkTale Sampler-2010

Folktale Records

I have to be honest I’ve never been a folk music fan. I’m a pretty upbeat person and listening to folk is a little bit of a bummer for me. Folktale has changed that completely with artists like John Thill, Whitman, and Charlie McAlister who have reawakened the magic of folk and what it stands for. Folk is going out there with nothing but a guitar and some real talk. I’m a big fan of real talk so naturally I took well to most of Folktale’s artists. There are also bands on Folktale that aren’t folk at all in the way the music is written but are amazing at lyrics and so fall under this more poetic category. Bands like, Kinght Rider and Nicole Kidman or Clark 8 who have just this way of moving you lyrically. If you are unfamiliar with these artists or the label itself I highly recommend purchasing this sampler it has all you need to get started on one of the greatest underground musical quests. Christopher Payne of Folktale is either OCD or just really pays attention to detail each release is beautiful and is an artistic collector’s piece I know I have a pretty extensive collection of  Folktale releases they are amazing to look at and are the most rare from the art to each and every track.

The Night-Demo

The Night is my favorite  new wave goth band from Minneapolis Minnesota. I received their demo in the mail and played it on repeat for a few days. I was definitely into their sound. The Night is Dre and Zachariah a duo that sprang from the most normal place in America but they are anything but normal. Dre, the daughter of a preacher and profound  lyricist makes you feel like something is lurking in the shadows behind you while  Zachariah’s new wave synths and classic drum machine beats get you in the mood to put on everything black you own and smoke cigarettes all night in the coolest goth club in town. The few songs they have out are really amazing and i’m not the only one who thinks so.  Dre recently informed me that their newest single “Kill me” (GREAT TITLE!) will be used in NFTS (not for the squeamish) productions Horror film Strip Club Slasher directed by Jason Stephenson I’m a huge horror movie fan and personally cannot wait to see this! The Night has singles available to listen to on their website be sure to check them out!

Photo by Cody Lidke

well that is it for now i will be posting more reviews this weekend! reviews include XBXRX, Laco$te, Bongo Fury, The Tlielaxu Music Machine, and more!!!

Thanks to all the bands who have kindly donated their works of art to me. It is always and forever appreciated!!! P.S. BOOOYYYAAAHHHHH!!!

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