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2010 Album Reviews

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Totallymag! is one of the firsts to get new underground releases. Now the timeliness of the reviews is a bit lacking. We have a very “lax” approach to our reviewing and posting it’s all for fun and we want to give you the best reviews not the “hastiest”. We chill as fuck and like to keep it real.

I consider these some of the best albums of 2010. Most of the artists are from Los Angeles, CA and this is pure coincidence. Totallymag! receives albums from different artists around the globe but 2010 was all about L.A. “W35T5ID3 4 LIF3″.

Painting by: Anthony Fonda

Whitman/No Babies 5 inch vinyl split (Folktale Records)

Whitman- Whitman is known for being one of the most Avant-garde (Loco)  folk artists of our time. He is the creator of Folktale records and continues to experiment with his releases this one was a split between him and No Babies and the size of a cd only it is VINYL. One of the cutest releases I have ever seen. His track Here’s to Denying Our Existence is very minimal and almost noise. A simple melody with a very aggro message. A great track. The mix is very crisp clear and the noise element he brings is surprisingly complimentary to his simple acoustic guitar. Hoping to hear a more chilled out side of Whitman soon though. I love when he puts a more comedic twist on what he writes.

No Babies- Female fronted is always a plus. No Babies uses reed instruments two drummers and is very much ROCK What more can you ask for? Their track Morlocks Take Manhattan is almost ‘math rock” in nature it brings a nostalgic 90′s grunge feel that I’m into. No Babies is probably one of the greatest bands to come out of Oakland, CA. I also appreciate a fellow X-Men fan. MORLOCKS are so hot right now.


XbXrX “Wars” , Polyvinyl 12 inch

Artwork by XbXrX

XBXRX or “XB” as they are known amongst fans have gone through so many transitions throughout the years. The newest members are Josh Taylor (Bass) and Kyle H. Mabson (Drums) who bring a whole new sound to XB these days. Very “heavy” and more raging then ever.  This particular album was recorded in Oakland, CA and is so dynamic. I felt as though I was listening to a soundtrack to a new age army movie starring horny punk renegades or something. It is epic to say the least. The high frequency harsh noise tears ones ears apart and leaves them begging for more.  The production was dope and  I love the vox. My favorite jams were “Sheets and Organs” and “Here to Ruin the Party” which is way tripped out. Pick this up immediately.

Polyvinyl Records