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Totallymag! Best of Book

Friday, March 21st, 2014

One of a kind (limited edition) handcrafted book featuring the best of Totallymag!

Available for purchase now! only 10 more available so make your move. 20 copies ever in history.

Totallymag! thanks you for your support and contributions:

Sean Carnage, Mika Miko, John Thill, Abe Vigoda, Silencio Records, Juiceboxxx, Vicious Pop Records, Kyle H. Mabson, Deathbomb Arc Records, Jim Smith, Tripp Wallin, The Pope, Laco$te, Peterspoolboys, SprFkr, Barf Records, Narf Records, Child Pornography, House of Bibles, Brian Lichtenberg, Adam Cardone, Erik Anaya, Rachel Wayt, Angie Olsen, Vanessa Gonzalez, Dana Poblete, Jenna Montgomery, Naomi Elizabeth, Tik//Tik, FootVillage, Bobby Zelsdorf, Melissa Kinsman, Baseck, Folktale Records, Whitman, LA Zinefest, Riverside DIY Printfest, Rob Mountain, James Bradley, Elijah Crampton, PIZZA!, Captain Ahab, Brian Perez, Old Baldy Brewery, Treasure Mammal, Michael Nhat, Eva Aguila, Cindergarden, Adam Lipman, The Tlielaxu Music Machine, Stephen and Michelle Ledesma, Zombelle, Shams, Grindhouse Film Fest, Brian Quinn, Jennifer Hwang, Entropic Tarot, Fag Bashers, Anni Rossi, Hot Lungs, Jon San Nicolas, Ports O Call, Richmond Tan, Sasqrotch, DJ Them Jeans, Michael Wysong, L. Kulesh, Creepo Maxxxo and the dinnerdates, Quem Quaeritis, Anthony Catanese, Ryan Luansing, Demon Slayer, Amanda Borges, Crimewave Records, Willowhouse, Narwhalz of Sound, The Lost and Found Sound, Street Force, Kluck Kluck Records, My momma, yo momma, prison inmates for all the kind letters, and so many more I may forgot if so leave a message, would love to keep in touch with all of you!

Totallymag! Best of Book


Wax sealed the deal

Hand stitched binding