PJ Phil
My friend Phil (the Canadian Ryan Seacrest) is so cool! Look at all these people he interviewed.

Posted on 17 Nov 2009 by amanda
Uncovered: Diddy is a cheapskate.
1. Throws out fake $100 Benjamin's to his audience.

2. Lost a $20,000 ring, acccused the audience of being irresponsible and frisked everyone on their way out.

3. Was in a proactiv commercial.

I think he should get over it because at least it wasn't a $375,000 dollar ring or necklace.

source: necolebitchie.com, youtube.com
Posted on 23 Oct 2009 by amanda
cute place and jenna
i'm really excited about going to royal- t, but i'm sad because my fun new friend jenna is moving away. i wish i knew her longer! jenna always wears a cute outfit, and she loves to go out and cruise for cute guys. jenna and i have a few things in common, but the best is our voices! we have little girl voices and that's charming. she's a genuine person and a supportive friend. i miss you already!

in other cute news, this retarded guy who is my age calls me every single day. we're friends, but every day is too much andy. and stop giving other mentally ill people my phone number or i'm going to tell on you!
Posted on 04 Aug 2009 by amanda
this is a cute video of kissing pre teens
Posted on 31 Jul 2009 by amanda
Cute Yard Bunny
over the weekend my friend threw a party at her new house. the house is nice n all, but the best thing about it is the little tan bunny that hops around her yard. my friend thinks the bunny is charming, so she is planting him a personal vegetable patch.

the friendly bunny made me think about margot and angie. thanks for the blog girls!

oh yeah and the bunny licked me.
Posted on 27 Jul 2009 by amanda
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